NAB Foundation

NAB is committed to strengthening regional communities. It does this by valuing natural capital, helping regions better manage their natural resources and promoting biodiversity in the face of challenges such as land degradation, declining access to water and water quality and climate change.

The Sustainable Regions Grants from the NAB Foundation support the development and implementation of regional approaches to:

  • strengthen co-ordination and collaboration between environmental groups, business, landholders and government,
  • involve the community in practical on-ground action to improve the environment, and
  • implement regional solutions to environmental challenges.

Grant amounts will start from $100,000 to $1,000,000 payable over a maximum period of up to three years.

Grant types

There are two grant types on offer within this category:

  • Thrive Grant: Thrive Grants help initiatives or organisations to become sustainable, scale or collaborate and move to their next stage of growth,
  • Seed Grant: Seed grants build, test or pilot innovative ideas or help organisations get started through core operations and capacity building.

Visit the NAB Foundation website for more information on eligibility, FAQs and the application process.

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